The three types of Learner’s Licenses explained

One of the most exciting experiences in a young adult’s life, is getting your driver’s license. But before you can overcome that big hurdle, there is a slightly smaller one that you need to pass first – your Learner’s license. According to AutoTrader, many people don’t realise that there are three separate types of exams… Read more »

Cyber Threats Surrounding Smart Cars

Today, technology is evolving at an exponential rate and is changing from what we know it to be – filtering through new innovations in various industries, but specifically, within the automotive industry. When technology such as Park Assist and sensors were introduced, consumers were elated by the advanced technology that improved their driving experience. And… Read more »

The biggest fuel price hike in SA’s history is on the way…

The Automobile Association has warned motorists to brace themselves for what is shaping up to be the “biggest fuel price hike in South Africa’s history by some margin”. “A spike in international oil prices and a huge swing in the rand/US dollar exchange rate have combined to predict a knockout blow at the pumps at… Read more »

Why driving in heels is a terrible idea

In South Africa, driving in heels is not against the law, but that does not mean that it is a good idea to strap on your high heels and hop behind the wheel. Why? Driving in heels is dangerous because when applying brakes, a driver plants his or her heel on the floor of the… Read more »

Minimise tax money through deductions

Tax legislation provides for an individual taxpayer to claim certain expenses incurred during a year of assessment against the income received. However, the type of expenses you can claim is dependent on the type of income you received. According to tax law, a normal salaried individual can claim the following expenses as tax deductions: Retirement… Read more »

Top tips to staying safe when driving through construction sites

1. Avoid Distractions Distracted driving, such as sending a text or email, checking social media, talking on the phone, or eating while driving, are not only illegal in many parts of the world, but are also extremely dangerous. Anything that diverts your attention away from the task of driving significantly increases your risk for being… Read more »

Safety for women who drive alone – a list of do’s and don’ts

It’s important for women to be cautious when driving alone, especially since the latest statistics reveal that women who drive alone are much more target by criminals and hijackers, than men. So what precautions can women take to ensure that you arrive safely at your destination? Don’t leave your valuables lying around: This is very important… Read more »

Should you buy that colourful car?

Colour – something we all want in our lives – and when choosing your next car, it’s easy to get carried away with all the aesthetics and of course…the colour. However, choosing the wrong colour car may leave you with buyer’s remorse in the future. Colin Morgan, director at used car retailer getWorth, says that cars… Read more »

Has the fuel price got you stressed? How to save fuel

Has the recent fuel increase got you stressed? The cost of fuel has risen for the second time in two months – to nearly R16 per litre. Well, there are a few things that you can do make your fuel tank, and your pocket, stretch a bit farther. General vehicle maintenance Making sure that your… Read more »