The Feeling of Freedom

President Jacob Zuma has termed April Freedom Month “celebrating the dawn of freedom and democracy and the achievements of all South Africans in moving away from hatred, divisions and a painful history to build a common future together”. The first non-racial, democratic elections were held in South Africa on the 27th of April 1994; the… Read more »

New crime prevention for vehicle theft

It is common to see Joburg motorists driving with the window down enjoying a pleasant highveld day. Matrix vehicle tracking places value on safety and as such wishes to highlight the latest criminal activity taking place on our roads… Roodepoort, Northsider: Download Article

Tuning you straight

FOLLOWING a report titled “On crime and cars” in Witness Wheels, which quotes the tracking companies’ reassurance that signal-blockers don’t work, Pieter Brits, a manager at a national bread-delivery company, has cautioned that the company has seen one of its trucks “literally disappear off the screen as we were watching”. He said that because the… Read more »

Night Driving by Eugene Herbert of MasterDrive

One of the main issues with driving at night is reduced visibility as one’s view is limited to the distance illuminated by a vehicle’s headlights and one does not have the advantage of colour and contrast during the daytime. For an interesting perspective on what a driver can see view This demonstrates clearly that… Read more »

Quick Recovery of Hijacked Vehicle

A 2005 Toyota Hi Ace was hijacked in Johannesburg CBD. As soon as Matrix Recovery Service was notified the recovery team was dispatched. The vehicle was located in Spoornet, Johannesburg moving towards Hillbrow, Johannesburg. With the assistance of the SAPS the vehicle was successfully recovered.

MiX Telematics assist LifeMed 911 in reaching patients faster

Getting help on time is a matter of life or death when you are injured or sick. Using MiX Telamatics’s technology, LifeMed 911 is now able to reach more patients faster to provide quality medical care when it is needed most. Focus on Transport and Logistics: Download Article

A Toyota Hi Lux was Stolen in Waterkloof, Pretoria

A 2010 Toyota Hi Lux was stolen in Waterkloof, Pretoria. Matrix Recovery Service was notified and dispatched their team. The vehicle was recovered in Discovery, Roodepoort North. The Matrix Team also recovered another stolen vehicle on the same property and apprehended one suspect. Vehicles were then handed over to a member of the SAPS. Fighting… Read more »