How to overcome dreaded motion sickness

Car sickness is a type of motion sickness and is common among millions of people. Certainly one of the top 10 most dreaded feelings for anyone, is nausea while travelling. Imagine a child sitting in the backseat without being able to see out the window, or a passenger reading a book in the book. The… Read more »

Five rules passengers should never break

For many, April is one of the favourite months of the year, with long weekends and public holidays galore, why wouldn’t it be? It’s also the perfect time to grab your friends and family, and head on that roadtrip that you have been talking about. However, driving with passengers can be challenging – the music… Read more »

This is why you should never place your feet on the dash

Long rides can be tiresome and uncomfortable, especially if you have luggage or snacks stored on the floor, on the passenger side. With not much place to rest your feet, the dashboard seems to be the only other obvious place for passengers to rest their feet. But is this really safe? The answer is a… Read more »

Do you suffer from ‘parkophobia’?

Parallel parking – something many of us get stressed about every now and again, especially when the only parking spot in sight is a tiny parking bay that you somehow need to manoeuvre in and out of. It’s no surprise that in a Ford poll, the fear of parallel parking was ranked right up there… Read more »

New driving regulations on the way!

The Minister of Transport has continued her campaign against irresponsible driving and deaths on South African roads. This time, by announcing the new driving regulations in South Africa. The new regulations are set for 11 May 2017. New Driving Regulations In South Africa Drivers will have to undergo a practical re-evaluation when renewing a license. A complete… Read more »

What parents need to know in 2017

Time and again we have heard the importance of transporting your children in a car seat. Since the 1st May 2015, the law states that parents who don’t strap their children under the age of three in a car seat will be fined. With so many options out there, how do you know which car… Read more »

Kick the year off right – love your car

At the beginning of each new year, there’s certainly no shortage of ideas and articles to get you ready and motivated for getting the most out of the upcoming year. This year, in addition to making new year’s resolutions to a better you, why not make an additional resolution for your car? One of the… Read more »

Rules of the road that you didn’t know you may be breaking

There are many rules of the road that are broken everyday, like motorists that don’t wear safety belts or exceed the speed limit. However, there are three laws that people generally break without even realizing it. Jaywalking on highways This is actually very dangerous and you do not want to find yourself walking in a… Read more »

Top Road Safety Tips for the holidays

For most people, the festive season is spent with family and friends, taking that much needed break after a long and busy year. However, the reality is that the festive season is also one of the busiest months on the roads resulting in not only a number of road crashes, but the perfect opportunity for… Read more »