• GPS Pinpoint

Feature Details

Exact time and location through real-time tracking.

Gone are the days when, if you were lost, you could ask for help from residents or try and find the name of a suburb or street closest to you.

Fast forward to the present and all you need to do to establish your whereabouts, is use your GPS-enabled device or smartphone.

The Matrix team is constantly striving to incorporate the very latest technology into Matrix’s innovative product range. Matrix makes use of a combination of vehicle tracking technologies including GPS Pinpoint Positioning, to offer you unmatched vehicle tracking precision. This technology provides accurate positioning of your vehicle without interference from terrain-based obstacles such as hills and buildings so you can track your vehicle even when it is parked in a basement.

The combination of GPS Pinpoint Positioning with GSM and Radio Frequency technology provides the perfect solution to track your vehicle in real time, anywhere in South Africa. Whether you need vehicle recovery, smartphone tracking or emergency response, Matrix’s GPS tracking solution is always right by your side.