Make a difference by driving safely

You might even save a life! This month South Africa celebrated Mandela Day with a global call to action that each individual has the power to make a difference and help to transform the world. Everyone using the country’s roads can make a difference every day by driving safely. It has been estimated that 1.35… Read more »

Winter is here and this could mean the dreaded load-shedding!

Eskom CEO, Phakamani Hadebe, recently warned that: “With colder weather expected across the country, and the demand of electricity projected to increase, the power system is forecast to be tight in the coming winter months.” Unfortunately, this translates to more load-shedding for South Africans. Load-shedding affects everyone, and the resulting traffic gridlock not only causes… Read more »

Sharing the road with trucks

What should you bear in mind to safeguard your personal safety? Many motorists can attest to the fears they have daily – the worry of sharing the road with big, powerful 18 wheelers. Accidents where trucks are reportedly involved are in the media virtually daily and this has only added to our fears of becoming… Read more »

Have the rains made you feel nervous about driving on our roads?

You may not be able to avoid potholes, but you can claim for the damage with Matrix Pothole Assist It has been reported that in Johannesburg alone, authorities receive an average of 1 000 potholes complaints each week, with the City claiming to fix around 4 500 potholes per month. In fact, the City of Cape Town… Read more »

Have you downloaded the Matrix app yet?

The Matrix Internet Tracking App enables you to track and monitor your car from your Smartphone from any place, at any time. All MX2 and MX3 customers have free access to the industry-leading Matrix App. Here are some of the things that the app enables you to do: Personalise your app by uploading a picture… Read more »

Buying your licence can lead to a fatal accident

Buying a learner and driver’s licence is unfortunately becoming common place in South Africa. Today, bribery within the licencing industry is often referred to as ‘cold drink’ or ‘tjotjo’, which can be financially costly and emotionally taxing for those who simply cannot afford the bribe – but still need to obtain their licence. Not only… Read more »