Be proactive against vehicle theft by activating the GeoLoc Advanced Alert via the Matrix App

According to statistics released by the South African Police Service the theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles are gradually declining – which is good news – however, this doesn’t mean we aren’t vulnerable to crime. We must still remain vigilant as the actual reported cases are staggeringly high with 50 663 car and motorbike thefts and 16 325 car hijacking cases reported in 2017/2018. Vehicle theft continues to be a serious concern in the country – as it can happen anywhere, at any time, and to anyone – without warning.

Be proactive against vehicle theft by activating the GeoLoc Advanced Alert via the Matrix App

As you know, Matrix offers a range of tailor-made packages specially designed to suit your personal safety, security and vehicle tracking needs. Part of this service is the Matrix App – which not only offers you advanced personal safety options – but also includes the GeoLoc Advanced Alert feature. This anti-theft system helps you to be proactive against vehicle theft.

How does it work?

When the GeoLoc Advanced Alert is activated via the Matrix App, your vehicle’s GPS position is ‘locked’ so that, should your vehicle move from that specific location, Matrix instantaneously sends you a notification. This means that you will always be aware of the non-consensual movement of your vehicle and Matrix can dispatch a recovery team in the shortest time possible should confi­rmation of the alert reveal that the vehicle is being stolen.

It’s quick and easy to activate the GeoLoc Advanced Alert with the Matrix Vehicle Tracking App if you are an MX2 and MX3 customer – here’s how:
  • Open the Matrix App and login
  • In the main app menu, select the GeoLoc feature
  • To the right of the vehicle that you wish to activate GeoLoc for, simply toggle the alert on and off as required
  • Once GeoLoc is enabled, Matrix will alert you of any battery tampering or vehicle movements via your mobile phone
Alternatively, if you are unable to download the Matrix App, you also have the option to SMS Matrix directly to activate or deactivate GeoLoc Advanced Alert. Simply SMS the word ‘enable’ or ‘disable’, enter a space and then enter your vehicle registration number to your mobile network operator’s number listed below:
  • MTN: + 27 83 930 0123 175
  • Vodacom: + 27 82 007 0540 175
  • Cell C: + 27 84 000 1220 175
  • Telkom Mobile: + 27 81 160 0520 175
Matrix is here to help you proactively manage your vehicle and personal safety, with convenient solutions like the GeoLoc Advanced Alert ready at the touch of a button.

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