SA’s road safety record still poor

The number of accidents on South African roads is alarmingly becoming a national crisis, especially as the number continues to grow each year. This is despite government, NGO and private sector-led road safety initiatives and campaigns, which are run throughout the year, aimed at promoting safety. According to calculations undertaken by the Justice Project South… Read more »

Can you put a price on your personal safety?

According to the 2017/18 crime stats, while hijackings in South Africa saw a slight decrease (from the 2016/17 stats), an average of 45 cars are still being hijacked daily across the country. This not only leaves the victim without their means of transport but out of pocket too. In this high crime environment, it is… Read more »

In-car safety features one of the fastest growing trends

Safety features for cars have certainly improved and advanced over the last thirty years. From seat belts and airbags to headrests, anti-lock brake systems, traction and electronic stability control, and many more – each of these advancements has been aimed at reducing the number of fatalities, or the severity of injuries, in the unfortunate event… Read more »

A tracking app is a must-have for personal and vehicle safety!

Hijacking remains one of the most reported types of crime in South Africa, and statistics released by the South African Police Service reveal that on average a car is hijacked every 31 minutes somewhere in the country. These statistics are frightening – as this means that it could happen to anyone, at any time, anywhere…. Read more »

How Is Your Vision?

It’s no question that having good eyesight is important for the safety of all motorists and road users. You need to be able to judge distances, read road signs and traffic lights and respond to changes in your environment quickly and efficiently. Clear vision means safer drivers and safer driving on our roads and it’s… Read more »

Festive Season Celebrations – When One Drink Is One Too Many

Over the festive season, we see some of the most tragic road accidents, resulting in injuries and fatalities due to a lot more drinking and driving. Office parties, family get-togethers and festive season celebrations may leave you feeling like there is little harm in having a few drinks at a social event and then getting… Read more »

GPS Tracking Explained

From humble beginnings, Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking has evolved into an integral part of our lives and plays a pivotal role in how we keep our vehicles, and our families, safe. But where did it come from, what does it do and how can it offer you safety and assistance in today’s modern age?… Read more »

How Will Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana Effect Your Insurance

There are a number of factors that affect our ability to drive, including poor sleep, fatigue, use of medication, alcohol and now recently legalised for private use, cannabis. But what does that mean for smoking while driving and your insurance company? It is important that South African motorists understand that certain car insurance companies may… Read more »

What safety features should you look for in your next car?

Rising fuel prices remain a major concern for many South African motorists and consumers, who have had to squeeze household budgets and tighten their belts even further, especially in the wake of the last record-high fuel price increase in October 2018. It is not surprising that many South Africans have had to reconsider their household… Read more »