Matrix Newsletter – February 2016

  Paying a premium for fuel   During these days of economic uncertainty, one mutual feeling exists between motorists – the absolute dread of filling up at the petrol station and driving away with an empty wallet. Switching from your vehicle’s recommended grade of fuel to a cheaper, lower grade variety, will lower your fuel… Read more »

Matrix Newsletter – January 2016

  Drinking and Driving: How much is too much?   The holidays see some of the most tragic road accidents, resulting in injuries and fatalities due to drunk-driving related incidents. The law against drinking and driving is very clear – simply don’t do it. It has been proven time and again that no one can… Read more »

Matrix Newsletter – December 2015

The Matrix Review Greetings Matrix Customer The end of another year is approaching at a rapid pace. During 2015 Matrix continued to lead the way in the telematics industry. We introduced industry-firsts with new products and innovative functionalities for the Matrix Smartphone App. Let’s have a look at some of the notable achievements from the… Read more »

Matrix Newsletter – October 2015

  Plan your journey with Matrix   Every great journey begins with some form of preparation. As this year begins its final decent to December, so too begins the time to focus on the plans that will help make the upcoming holidays even more enjoyable and a little less stressful. It’s important to consider your… Read more »

Matrix Newsletter – September 2015

          Customize your Matrix App “Remember when we were young…" is the opening phrase to many stories told as we reminisce about life before modern-day technology. Remember yelling at your sibling to put down the phone so that you could phone your best friend? What about the popular Gorilla Steering Lock… Read more »

Matrix Newsletter – August 2015

          Matrix gives you more It is a well-known fact that South Africans are amongst the most passionate sport fans. Supporters often show their dedication to their favorite teams by embarking on a thousand kilometer journey to watch a game live. They will not think twice about leaving in the early… Read more »

Matrix Newsletter – June 2013

With winter swiftly approaching, not only is it getting colder, it’s getting darker too. The long summer days will join us again in spring, but for now it is important to note how seasonal changes will affect your driving behaviour and vehicle performance.  Although the South African Weather Service has predicted that maximum temperatures for… Read more »

Matrix Newsletter – July 2013

Trending in the trackingverse… A new criminal MO has been highlighted by Matrix, on Gauteng roads. Criminals remove vehicle keys from the ignition of stationary vehicles, through open driver windows. These vehicles are generally caught in traffic, and have motorists bartering cell phones, wallets etc. for their possession.  Motorists are urged to keep vehicle windows… Read more »

Matrix Newsletter – August 2013

The greatest asset we have is you- our customer. Our undertaking is to ensure that our service and product offerings provide you with safety that you can actually feel. This way, no matter where your journey may take you, you can remain assured and confident that Matrix is truly always right by your side. This… Read more »