The beauty of geo-fencing

Twenty years ago, the word ‘geo-fencing’ was something of an enigma. Its roles and functionalities were not completely understood and very few users recognised the value of such innovation. Today, the term is appearing more frequently in news articles, in product manuals and highlighted as a feature in many mobile applications. Users are beginning to… Read more »

An essential checklist to avoid frustration on South African roads

In 2300BC, the first geographical map was created on Babylonian clay tablets. Many years later, maps were made by hand by painting on parchment paper and overtime, improvements in technology and tools helped cartographers refine their skills to what we know as paper maps today. Although traditional paper maps are still widely used, online mapping… Read more »

Matrix joins the charge with the bizhub Highveld Lions

Matrix is pleased to announce that more exciting cricket action is set to continue with the bizhub Highveld Lions this season. This marks the second consecutive year that the Matrix brand will sponsor the team, taking on the role of associate sponsor in conjunction with the team’s naming rights sponsor and media partners accordingly. The… Read more »

The power of Matrix Internet Tracking

In our new digital world, behaviour has shifted and our affinity for smart devices has created countless new opportunities for innovation that simplifies and enhances our daily lives. Research shows that people not only want the latest in technology and services, but that the products and services we buy should be customizable to fit in… Read more »

Crash Alert

Many of us have an unexplainable bond with our cars, far beyond just a means of transport. Your car is a space where you have probably experienced some of your most treasured moments with your loved ones – those road trips across the country, singing along to your favourite songs. Or escaping the end of… Read more »

Your driving can save you from the petrol pump blues

South Africans have to dig even deeper into their pockets to fill up their fuel tanks following the petrol price hike earlier this month. The cost of a litre of fuel has shot up by between 81 cents and 98 cents a litre depending on the type of fuel you use. What’s behind the petrol… Read more »

The power of Matrix

As a new member to the Matrix family, we would like to introduce you to the full spectrum of Matrix products and services that is available to you. So much more than just vehicle tracking, Matrix is pioneering the way in personal safety and convenience through technological innovation. Whether it’s core security or enhanced safety… Read more »

An App to power your journey

Over the last decade, the advent of smartphones, laptops and iPads are no longer just luxury gadgets, but electronic devices that we simply can’t live without. Today we use mobile apps for almost everything, from staying socially connected to travel planning to fitness tracking. Did you know that according to, the top 5 most… Read more »

Matrix Protect

As one of our most valued long-term customers, we would like to tell you about our additional driver assistance benefits from Matrix Protect. Matrix offers a range of vehicle recovery features and personal safety solutions, designed to combat the realities of vehicle theft and hijacking. Everyday, South African motorists are faced with multiple road hazards… Read more »

Matrix Newsletter – March 2016

Vehicle tracking just got smarter With the industry-leading Matrix Smarphone App, you can: Know where your vehicle is at all times by viewing it on a map Receive alerts if your vehicle is moved or your battery is tampered with Set your trips as personal or business for your automated tax logbook Call for roadside… Read more »