Matrix Newsletter – September 2015

Drive Safely

Customize your Matrix App

“Remember when we were young…" is the opening phrase to many stories told as we reminisce about life before modern-day technology. Remember yelling at your sibling to put down the phone so that you could phone your best friend? What about the popular Gorilla Steering Lock that was one of the many affordable options available to keep your car safe?

Thankfully times have changed and improved technology has made our lives so much easier. Technology has become an integral part of our lives that we simply can’t, or don’t want to, live without.

Matrix is constantly striving to enhance and develop their products and services, to ensure that you can easily control what matters most, right at your fingertips. Exciting innovations’ in the tech world allows for safer driving and even more efficient and exciting user experiences. Much like the accessibility and convenience of the Matrix smartphone app; that enables users to easily manage their vehicle from their smartphone. Latest technology has been developed enabling MX3 users to customize their Matrix app to suit their requirements. Matrix enables customers to be proactive and have total peace of mind when it comes to the safety of themselves, their loved ones and their vehicle.

GeoLoc Advanced Alert

As road users, we all face the potential danger of vehicle theft. The GeoLoc Advanced Alert system developed by Matrix, will alert you, if your battery is tampered with and if there is any movement of your vehicle without your authorization.

Once your vehicle is parked, simply activate the GeoLoc Advanced Alert feature through your Matrix smartphone app or via SMS and Matrix will alert you of any movement/battery tampering.

Matrix is right by your side with geo-fencing technology

Matrix has created a customizable zone management system coupled with GPS pinpoint technology which allows you to know when your vehicle enters or exits areas of importance, for example, your workplace. Create a personalised geo-fence so that you can be alerted should your vehicle enter this zone thus allowing you to manage the safety of your vehicle and your loved ones.

No-Go Zones

The No-Go Zones have been suitably ‘dubbed’ to indicate areas of increased vehicle crime. If you enter one such zone, a notification will be sent to you if it is listed on any of the Matrix No-Go Zones.

By personalizing your Matrix smartphone app, you can have peace of mind, knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Kind regards,
The Matrix Team

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