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We understand that having visibility of your vehicle and its precious cargo is important to you. This is why Matrix places you in the driver’s seat by offering you access to an online vehicle tracking system and your own personal vehicle management dashboard.

The sophisticated online platform allows you to view where your vehicle is on an interactive map, see how it is being driven and obtain extensive reporting on past trips. Through the portal, you can also customize your alerts- allowing you to be proactive with your vehicle’s security.

Matrix Internet Vehicle Tracking features include:

  • Web-based Platform: track and manage your vehicle online, from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple Vehicle Tracking: view and monitor all your vehicles’ and permission-granted vehicles of family members, on a single interactive online map
  • Vehicle Trip Tracking: view your trips and track your vehicle’s positioning on an online map
  • User Detail Management: update personal information and manage user profiles for multiple vehicles online
  • Harsh Event Reporting: view your personalised dashboards and retrieve reports for vehicle locations, driver behaviour and harsh driving events such as harsh braking, cornering, acceleration and speeding. Read More
  • Customisation of Alerts: select which events you would like to be notified about
  • Geo-Fencing: create zones around areas of importance and be notified when your vehicle enters or exits those areas. Read More
  • SARS tax log book: Pull your business and private kilometre reports for stress free tax returns. Read More