What safety features should you look for in your next car?

It is not surprising that many South Africans have had to reconsider their household budgets and for many, this means downgrading to smaller, fuel efficient cars. While aspects such as looks, specification levels and fuel consumption undoubtedly play a role in the choice of vehicle, safety features should remain a key consideration.

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Get to know your Matrix: Better driving behaviour, more cash in your pocket

Driver behaviour is a contributing factor in over 90 percent of road accidents. Consequently, there is significant benefit in identifying drivers who engage in unsafe driving practices. In the efforts to reduce insurance claims and road accidents, vehicle insurers are searching for ways to monitor and analyse driver behaviour to provide safer driving habits on South African roads.

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South Africa is in a ‘technical recession’ but what does this mean for the Automotive Industry?

South Africa’s slide into a ‘technical recession’ and the devaluation of the rand has brought alarm and panic across the country. However, when it comes to the automotive industry specifically, this news is not all doom and gloom. According to AutoTrader’s CEO, George Mienie, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) could actually benefit from this situation. “We… Read more »

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the way we drive forever

Autonomous or self-driving vehicles may appear to be a new phenomenon, but key transport manufacturers and stakeholders have been developing smarter driving systems for some time, and South Africans can expect to see revolutionary new intelligent cars and driving systems on our roads within a matter of years.

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Budget your way to success: calculate your car’s fuel consumption the right way

As the cost of fuel continues to change, so have the budgets of many South African motorists. Not so long ago, fuel costs were ranked towards the bottom of your monthly expenditure list, but this has certainly changed over the last few months. Motorists are now digging even deeper into their pockets to keep up with the continuous fuel increases and it is uncertain as to when the price of fuel will decrease again.

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Daily Driving: How much is your car costing you?

It’s always exciting when buying a new car but the costs associated with owning a car is something all car owners need to be mindful of. When planning your budget, costs such as maintenance, fuel and insurance are important but you also need to take the daily running costs of your car into consideration.

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Matrix Protect takes the hassle out of your accident claim

Being involved in an accident is a traumatic experience that turns your life upside down. From the initial shock of what happened, dealing with injuries, damaged vehicles and the third parties involved – the admin can be overwhelming. What if we told you that, should you find yourself in the unfortunate event of a car accident, the admin involved with your accident claim can be taken care of on your behalf?

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