The three types of Learner’s Licenses explained

One of the most exciting experiences in a young adult’s life, is getting your driver’s license. But before you can overcome that big hurdle, there is a slightly smaller one that you need to pass first – your Learner’s license.

According to AutoTrader, many people don’t realise that there are three separate types of exams depending on the vehicle for which you will be doing the license.

The three types of Learner’s Licenses explained

A learner’s permit guide

Before any motorist can apply to do their drivers test, they will first have to go through the process of obtaining their learner’s permit.

The K53 system here in South Africa requires you to obtain a learner’s license for the type of vehicle in which you are going to be doing the driver’s test, and in most cases, this would mean a car.

This particular system seems to be a bit ridiculous at first, as the three types of tests from which you have to choose are almost identical.

They cover the rules of the road, road markings and signage, traffic regulation, and hand signals. The only substantial difference in each of the tests is in fact the last page, where the student has to map out the controls of the vehicle in which they are choosing to do their test.

Code A

This is the test for motorcycles, and the last chapter essentially covers the controls of the motorcycle.

Code B

This is the test as most will know it, for cars. The final chapter covers the interior placement and naming convention of the controls of the car.

Code C and E

This learner’s permit covers two categories, namely light commercial and heavy commercial.

The Code C test is not much different from the Code E learner’s test, but there are a few more controls in these vehicles, so a separate test page is required.

Once you have passed these learner’s tests, you will be able to apply to do your test for the vehicle you have chosen.

There are other codes that appear on licenses, but those are usually connected to the weight, and whether you have a trailer attached.

When you have passed your driver’s licence and officially legal to drive on South Africa’s roads, it’s important to remember to renew your car’s license annually.

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Source: AutoTrader