A Woman Killed in a Hijacking Gone Wrong

Police are investigating after a woman was killed in a hijacking gone wrong in Eastern Joburg. (Int:) Paul Nel – Matrix Road Safety Association. Please click here to listen: Highveld Stereo 94.7 (English) Hijacking_gone_wrong.mp3

Eight Suspects Apprehended in Soweto

A Toyota Quantum, installed with a MATRIX unit, was hijacked on the 13th of May in Naledi, Soweto. Upon client confirmation, ground and air crews were immediately despatched. The vehicle position was established and revealed the vehicle was still in Soweto, although the vehicle was moving. After a fast and furious race through five different… Read more »

Matrix rights another wrong in Mogale City, Gauteng

On the 20th of June Matrix was alerted to a hijacking situation in Tshepisong, Kagiso. Using state of the art technology we were able to immediately position the vehicle and keep to our promise to be right by your side. After despatching recovery teams, the vehicle was found just over an hour later, with no… Read more »


Matrix knows that there are many things to remember when packing the car and it’s often tempting to pack the kitchen sink just in case of emergency. While filling the car with luggage, toys, eats and drinks, please don’t forget to pack what’s most important – the car seat or booster seat, to protect what… Read more »

The windows on the car go up and down, up and down…

Matrix knows that road travel is a risky business but with the know-how it becomes a little bit easier to travel safely and protect that precious cargo you’ve taken along for the drive. While all the warnings and rules of the road govern our driving behavior, sometimes it’s just not as simple as stopping at… Read more »

Lessons for out of the classroom

Possibly two of the strongest advocates in road safety, Matrix (a leader in vehicle tracking and recovery services) and Peggie Mars of Wheel Well, have joined together to share a powerful message when navigating our roads. The responsibility of safe road travel and the importance of buckling up were two key messages shared during the… Read more »