Are you sure your car is roadworthy? Here is the minimum criteria

Driving a roadworthy car is a legal requirement in South Africa. All busses, taxis and trucks must undergo a roadworthy test every year and the owners will not be able to renew their licenses without the presentation of a valid roadworthy certificate. When cars change ownership, you also need to present a roadworthy certificate before… Read more »

Ferrari walks away with the International Engine of the Year award

The International Engine of the Year Awards is an annual competition, judged by a fully independent panel of industry experts from around the world. This year, this prestigious event was presented by Engine Technology International magazine and took place in Germany, where the world’s top engines competed for the coveted title of International Engine of… Read more »

Another fuel upset for SA motorists

Trends are showing that another massive fuel price hike is likely at the end of May. This is according to the Automobile Association (AA), which was commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund. “Last month’s fuel price account was closed earlier by the Department of Energy, resulting in the… Read more »

Six driving habits that are costing you money

You may be smart with your money but are you smart with your driving? The way you act when you’re behind the wheel and your driving behaviour can actually cost you money. Go easy on your wallet by avoiding the following bad habits: 1) Driving at high speeds For sure – it’s fun to put… Read more »

A quick and easy guide to check your car’s fluid levels

There are many types of vehicle fluids that we as motorists, need to keep an eye on, to ensure that our car remains in tip top shape. If we don’t pay attention to the warning signs, a vehicle’s engine, and other vehicle parts, could sustain serious damage – leaving you with a very hefty bill…. Read more »

Winter is around the corner – is your car ready?

Winter is just around the corner and thankfully, South Africa boasts a warmer climate compared too many other countries. In the same way that we need to prepare for winter – swopping summer clothes for winter clothes, stocking up on warm woolly socks and delicious soup- so too do we need to care for our… Read more »

‘Wristband’ keys and other car tech gadgets to look out for

Automotive technology is one of the most exciting industries to part of, especially as vehicle technology evolves at lightning speed. Driverless vehicles, hands-free parking and electric engines are already a reality in many parts of the world but there are many other clever innovations coming down the pipe in the automotive world in 2018. Wrist… Read more »

A step-by-step guide to Parallel Park

For many motorists, parallel parking is one of those things that you perfect for your driving test and then strike off the list once done – never to be performed again. The good news is that parallel parking doesn’t have to be one of your worst nightmares – if you practice regularly by following these… Read more »

How to transport you beloved fur-babies

For many, their fur-babies are their children and the chances are, wherever they go, the beloved pooches must follow. This is especially true if you are going to be moving or travelling for a long period of time. Just like you would make sure that your car insurance is up to date; your car is… Read more »