Six driving habits that are costing you money

You may be smart with your money but are you smart with your driving? The way you act when you’re behind the wheel and your driving behaviour can actually cost you money. Go easy on your wallet by avoiding the following bad habits:

Six driving habits that are costing you money

1) Driving at high speeds

For sure – it’s fun to put your foot down on the accelerator and drive slightly faster than you usually would. But if you are keeping an eye on your money, gradual acceleration is best for fuel economy.

2) Sudden braking

When you know you’ll have to stop soon, remove your foot from the pedal. The car’s momentum will carry you for a while, and you can brake gently at that red light or stop sign. This will save you on fuel, and it will spare you from wearing out your car’s brakes prematurely.

3) Turning the Wheel When Your Car Is Stationary

Sometimes, it’s necessary to manoeuvre your vehicle out of a tight parking spot and the only way to do this is to turn the steering wheel before your car actually moves. However, it’s important to try to avoid this when possible. It will wear down the rubber on your tyres, meaning you’ll have to replace them sooner than you expected.

4) Not Using Cruise Control

You might enjoy keeping your foot on the pedal as you zip through traffic. However, this can cost you in fuel over the long term. Using cruise control prevents mindless and unnecessary acceleration, so your engine doesn’t have to work as hard. Edmunds performed a test to see just how much fuel using cruise control can save you. The result? Cruise control can cut back on fuel consumption by up to 14 percent.

You shouldn’t use cruise control when you’re in mountainous areas, though. Cruise control will downshift to maintain your speed, and this shifting can actually damage fuel efficiency.

5) Not Paying Attention to Aerodynamics

An aerodynamic car is a more fuel-efficient car. To make for a smoother passage of air around your vehicle, keep the windows and the sunroof closed. Moreover, be sure to remove your rooftop cargo carrier when not in use.

6) Too much baggage

Check your owner’s manual to find out your vehicle’s cargo capacity. Exceeding this capacity by cramming too much into your car — or by towing a too-heavy load — will hurt your fuel efficiency.

However, this bad habit can do more than cost you at the pump. It could damage your vehicle’s suspension, leading to costly repairs.

You have better things to spend your money on than fuel and car repairs. Adjust your driving habits and enjoy the savings!

Source: New Smyrna Beach