Road rage and how to control it

There’s a big difference between observing reckless driving behaviour and reacting to it with rage. It’s perfectly normal to be alarmed at poor driving and hopefully to respond defensively. But some of us get furious at times. We honk our horns. We slow way down with them right on our tailgate to “teach them a… Read more »

When’s your next scheduled emergency?

Exactly – you don’t know when you need to be prepared next.  It’s late at night and you’re driving on a dark, lonely road. Suddenly, the steering wheel tugs in your hands and the car is hard to control. You ease the car to the side of the road and stop. Getting out, you see… Read more »

Do parents make good driving instructors?

Should learner drivers turn to their parents for driving lessons? Or is it safer and more effective learning from a driver instructor? Learning to drive is an exciting time for any young adult but it can also be a nerve-racking experience for any parent. We all know just how difficult learning to drive can be… Read more »

Top tips to buying your first car, and keeping it!

Congratulations! You’re at the stage in your life where you can finally afford to buy your first car. For most people, your own car unlocks a level of independence and freedom, allowing you to get from point A to B quick and effortlessly! With so many options on the market to consider, it’s difficult to… Read more »

How to overcome dreaded motion sickness

Car sickness is a type of motion sickness and is common among millions of people. Certainly one of the top 10 most dreaded feelings for anyone, is nausea while travelling. Imagine a child sitting in the backseat without being able to see out the window, or a passenger reading a book in the book. The… Read more »

Five rules passengers should never break

For many, April is one of the favourite months of the year, with long weekends and public holidays galore, why wouldn’t it be? It’s also the perfect time to grab your friends and family, and head on that roadtrip that you have been talking about. However, driving with passengers can be challenging – the music… Read more »