Has the fuel price got you stressed? How to save fuel

Has the recent fuel increase got you stressed? The cost of fuel has risen for the second time in two months – to nearly R16 per litre. Well, there are a few things that you can do make your fuel tank, and your pocket, stretch a bit farther.

Has the fuel price got you stressed? How to save fuel

General vehicle maintenance

Making sure that your vehicle is serviced regularly, will ensure that the engine runs efficiently. The older a car gets, the less economical it becomes. By servicing your car, you also prolong the amount of years that your vehicle remains fuel efficient.

Tyre pressure

Your tyre pressure is very important. If your tyre pressure is low, there is more resistance to driving and you use more fuel.

The more resistance the car has while driving, results in the engine having to work harder to make the car move forward. This uses fuel. So by checking your tyres regularly, you will be able to save on fuel in the long run.

Wheel alignment

Ensure the wheel alignment is correctly set and the brakes are not dragging, as these can both increase rolling resistance and use more fuel.


Aerodynamics play a big role. If you have any of these roof racks on your car, take them off if you are not using them. Even if the roof is empty, it increases drag and makes your car use more fuel. Even something as simple as closing your windows and sunroof, can make a difference and reduce the ‘drag’, making the car as sleek as possible.

Accelerate smoothly

The perfect way to travel is at a constant speed and sticking to the speed limit. So if you are a patient driver, you will have lower fuel bills. It’s unrealistic to avoid overtaking but there is little point in accelerating past a car, only to meet them at the next red light.