Matrix Newsletter – May 2015


May Holiday Dreaming

Last month saw many South Africans enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation over the festive public holidays. And now that it’s over it’s back to work with refreshed minds and good memories. But, after all the road trips, day trips, lazy Autumn drives and quick pop-ins at friends and family, the question is – what would have made your holiday even better?

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While there are surely plenty of holidaymakers who planned their trips down to the tee, there are likely many who felt as if the holidays snuck up on them. This often leads to rushed packing, late accommodation bookings, wasted time or last-minute decisions that are laughably nonsensical. Check out these handy holiday hacks that will help make going on holiday a breeze!

Take leave now

While the holidays are still fresh in your mind, why not look ahead at the holidays to come and even next April? You can never be too prepared and you will undoubtedly thank yourself later.

Roll your clothes

From jeans to T-shirts, this is a massive space saver that will give you room for way more or the luxury of a smaller bag.

Put teabags in your shoes

Having smelly shoes in your suitcase is far from ideal. Putting a scented teabag in your shoes when you pack will keep your clothes smelling as fresh as they look.

Map your movements

If you have the Matrix smartphone app you can look at your trip log to view your trip, the distance travelled and the time it took, all at your fingertips. Alternatively, you can use a GPS or Google Maps to map your movements for future reference or for when you recommend your awesome destinations to friends.

Don’t underestimate the power of music

Create the perfect song mix to listen to on long trips and in spare moments because it will become the soundtrack to your holiday. For years to come those songs will remind you of the good times you had.

Pre-make braai packs

Get a bunch of chops and a few packs of boerie in preparation and, when you get home, separate the chops and cut a piece of boerie per chop. Now freeze these lovely pairs together and you will never be caught unprepared for an outdoor dinner again.

Know who to call

Always have your phoned charged and the right numbers close at hand so you are never left high and dry. What’s even better than the right number is the right tool, like If you’re on a long drive and break down, you can use Matrix Roadside Assist to get all the help you need no matter where you are in South Africa.

So enjoy the fun-filled rest that April brought you and may these holiday tips make your traveling plans just a little easier. At the end of the day, no matter what you do or where your holiday journeys take you, Matrix is always right by your side.

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The Matrix Team

“  At the end of the day, no matter what you do or where your holiday journeys take you, Matrix is always right by your side. ”