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Matrix Vehicle Tracking
  • Emergency Number - Hijack/Theft Only
    0800 111 322
    Emergency Number
    Hijack/Theft Only

Internet Tracking*

All Matrix MX2 and MX3 customers can track their vehicles with Matrix Internet Tracking. 

Matrix's Internet Tracking offers the following:

  • Web-based platform - allows you to manage your vehicle from anywhere in the world.
  • Multiple vehicle tracking capabilities - enables you to view all your vehicles and permission granted vehicles of family members at once, on a single map.
  • Vehicle Tracking - means you can view all your past and present trips on a map.
  • Vehicle Replays - view a replay of your trips made within the last 24 hours.
  • Personal Detail Management Tools - enables you to change your personal details.
  • Report functionality- means you can view and download various vehicle events such as harsh braking, harsh cornering, harsh acceleration and speeding.
  • With quick navigation, world-class graphics and multiple profile views, you are able to keep a constant eye on your vehicle 24/7, for total peace-of-mind assurance.
* Terms and conditions apply
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