Yet another truck accident on Johannesburg highway

On 10 May at around 09:30 on the R24 west before the Gilloolys interchange, the driver of a 1 ton truck lost control of his vehicle, crashed into the barrier causing the vehicle to overturn before coming to a halt on its side some distance down the road.

The Matrix Road Safety Association vehicle arrived to assist at the scene and the Emer-G-Med paramedics treated the driver who had moderate injuries before transporting him to hospital.

“Fortunately the driver did not sustain major injuries but this incident highlights once again the severity of the problem of truck accidents on our highways,” says Terence Teixeira from the Matrix Road Safety Association. “Every week many truck accidents are reported around Johannesburg and these accidents generally lead to a disruption in traffic flow as a result of cargo or the damaged vehicle occupying a lane. Drivers need to slow down and be more aware of what their vehicles are capable of. They also need to maintain a good follow distance at all times,” he recommends.

truck accident on R24 Gilloolys interchange