Lessons for out of the classroom

Possibly two of the strongest advocates in road safety, Matrix (a leader in vehicle tracking and recovery services) and Peggie Mars of Wheel Well, have joined together to share a powerful message when navigating our roads.

The responsibility of safe road travel and the importance of buckling up were two key messages shared during the highly engaging talk at the Ridge Primary School on Tuesday, May 13.  Pupils and teachers of the school were greeted that chilly Tuesday morning with warm smiles from their visitors, carrying with them a very warm message.

After a very excited greeting from the boys of The Ridge, Peggie Mars, who is something of a local celebrity, began the discussion and shared some insights into the dangers of not buckling up.

Nicole (21), one of teams guest speakers, sustained serious injuries in a near fatal car accident because she did not buckle up. The children listened intently as she shared her story.

Concentration soon turned to excitement as Steven (19) took to the stage to share his experience as a young race car driver; what safety precautions he needs to adhere to and what dangers he could experience on the track. As the boys engaged the message became clearer and clearer and soon the realisation dawned – none of the protection being shown to them was available in the back seat of your average car.

The crux of the talk hit home with the closing address; using Newton’s Cradle, Peggie explained crash force and the impact of cars, bodies and organs in the event of an accident. Further explaining the power of energy, she cleverly compared skateboarding and knee pads to road travel and seat belts, the boys soon realised the danger of driving unprotected. Leaving with the understanding that your best defence is the added height of a booster seat and the quick click of a seatbelt, the children left a little wiser and definitely with some food for thought.

Peggie’s dream is to educate the country, no matter how young or old, on the dangers of irresponsible road travel. She talks as expertly on legislation as she does on skateboards and crash force and has the ability to inspire any audience. Matrix, with almost twenty years in personal safety, is the perfect partner to help her to make a difference.

If you would like to further educate children, parents and teachers of your school, please send your request via e-mail to Peggie on peggie@wheelwell.co.za