Heatwave Driving Tips Everyone Needs To Know

The mercury is almost at boiling point and the heat has taken residence in every room, in every building and it’s almost impossible to escape it. We all suffer in hot weather and we tend to forget about everything around us in the quest to cool down or find shelter from the sweltering heat. The one aspect that remains constant is the need to drive. We still need to go to work, school, home, pick up kids and complete our daily A to B, B to C driving routine.

Knowing how to care for your vehicle during extreme temperatures, will prevent you from having to fork out plenty of cash later.

Follow these simple, yet tried and true tips, to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape during the hot summer months:


Make sure your tyres are properly inflated before taking your prized possession out for a drive in the heat. Under-inflated tyres cause excessive friction, causing heat but beware of over-inflated tyres as well. Air expands with heat, so slightly over-inflated tyres can lead to dangerously over-inflated tyres and a blow-out. This is definitely not good. So make sure you always have your spare tyre ready.

Cooling System

Check the level of fluid in your cooling system by looking for the plastic overflow tank under your hood. If the level is low, add the recommended fluid before driving again. Opening the radiator cap on the car when the engine is still hot, results in hot steam and possibly boiling fluid being released into the air. This is very dangerous.

Cool down with the air conditioner

Make sure the A/C is working properly and blows out cold air. There is nothing worse than a weak air conditioner that blows out hot air during a heatwave. If you are experiencing this, the refrigerant charge may be low so it’s time to check for leaks. If no leaks are found, simply add more refrigerant.

Keep an eye on those windshield wipers

Sun exposure and extreme heat and cold causes the rubber to become hard and brittle. Most wipers have a lifespan of about one year but with excessive heat or cold, the lifespan may decrease.

Invest in a sun shade

There is nothing worse than burning your hands on the steering wheel when climbing into a car. So why not invest in a sun shade for the windshield which will reflect light so that the interior doesn’t get too hot. It’s also advisable to leave the windows slightly open when parked in a safe location, to lighten the cooling load on the air conditioner when the vehicle is first started.

Keeping your vehicle in good condition is important, but keeping yourself safe, is even more so. Keep cool this summer and remember, no matter where life takes you, Matrix brings you home.