Faulty traffic lights lead to accident at Isando and Brabazon

It was not a pleasant Friday afternoon for the drivers of a taxi, Hyundai and Kia on 7 September at approximately 17:00 when all three vehicles were involved in an accident in Edenvale at the intersection of Isando and Brabazon. The traffic lights at the intersection were faulty with one set remaining red and the other set remaining green which caused the confusion that lead to the accident.

Terence Teixeira from the Matrix Road Safety Association, who arrived on the scene, says the Hyundai was hit by the taxi and the Kia then impacted the side of the taxi. “Fortunately none of the vehicles were speeding, however the driver and the passenger of the taxi were not wearing seat-belts and sustained light head injuries as their heads hit the windshield in the collision,” he reports. “Both the drivers of the Hyundai and the Kia were buckled up. The driver of the Hyundai felt tenderness and pain in her neck after the collision and was treated, immobilised and transported to hospital by Emer-G-Med paramedics. The taxi driver refused hospital treatment while his passenger suffered a light injury to his head and was transported to a nearby hospital by provincial services. Police are investigating the accident and were informed of the faulty traffic lights,” says Teixeira.

The Matrix Road Safety Association urges all drivers to be cautious when approaching intersections, especially those where the traffic lights appear to be faulty. “Spring brings its first rains and we can expect traffic lights to occasionally become faulty due to exposure to the rain water. Drivers should practice caution under these conditions as the roads are wet and the potential of faulty traffic lights is raised somewhat. Drivers also need to be observant of the behaviour of fellow drivers at intersections. Rather take your time and ensure other drivers are aware of what your intentions may be,” advises Teixeira.

For more information on the Matrix Road Safety Association visit www.matrix.co.za.

Faulty traffic lights at Isando and Brabazon