Bakkie rear ends truck on Pomona onramp

This afternoon (06 August), shortly after 12:00 the driver of an Isuzu double cab bakkie rear ended a truck in the left lane at the Pomona Rd onramp to the R21 direction south in Kempton Park.

“The mechanism of the accident was not particularly substantial with almost no damage to the truck however due to the fact that the driver of the Isuzu was not restrained by a seat belt he suffered a moderate to serious head injury requiring hospitalization,” reports Terence Teixeira from the Matrix Road Safety Association who arrived on the scene.

The Matrix Road Safety Association vehicle’s onboard Emer-G-Med medic found the driver of the Isuzu sitting in the driver’s seat a little confused and bleeding from multiple laceration to the forehead. “There was concern as to possible injury to the neck and all precaution were taken to maintain his C-spine, as well as trauma to the chest and abdomen due to the impact of the steering wheel.” The driver was carefully removed from the vehicle and placed on a spine board and transported by Emer-G-Med to a nearby hospital.

“Had the driver been restrained by his seat belt he may have possibly avoided any injury at all. I strongly urge drivers to buckle up the moment they enter any vehicle to avoid unnecessary injury or death,” cautions Teixeira.

Bakkie rear ends truck on Pomona onramp

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