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Pothole Assist

Payouts for Car and Tyre Damage caused by Potholes

In South Africa, drivers face the risk of tyre and rim damage caused by potholes and damaged roads. Pothole Assist tries to recover 100% of the repair or replacement cost from the relevant Road Authorities, nationwide. In addition, you will receive preferential discounts between 5% – 25% for tyres and alignment/balancing services at Tiger Wheel & Tyre, nationwide.

Pothole Assist gives you:

  • Relief – To take the bother out of having to deal with paperwork and long queues, I’ll take care of everything needed to get a quick and full settlement. Because Matrix is right by your side, we’ll be proactive in making sure the potholes are repaired to prevent future incidents.
  • Convenience – Complete management of the claims process including claim settlement facilitation with the relevant roads management authorities including guaranteed exclusive discounts on tyre related products from Tiger Wheel & Tyre.
  • Recoveries – 100% of all payouts from the Road Authorities with no additional costs to you.
  • Representation – The full support of our legal and administration team.
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