National Transport Month: A snapshot survey released by Matrix shows latest driving behaviour of South African Motorists

Attitudes towards traffic safety and driving behaviour are on the decline as a recent 7-day snapshot study by Matrix, revealed that over 90,000 South African motorists have adopted dangerous driving habits while on South Africa’s roads.

Recent crime statistics indicated that approximately 14,000 people lose their lives through vehicle accidents every year. Tens of thousands of others suffer severe and crippling injuries. We all know the importance of obeying the rules of the road and driving responsibly, but the reality is that a serious accident can take place at any time.

A snapshot survey released by Matrix shows latest driving behaviour of South African Motorists

As part of National Transport Month, Matrix took a closer look into consumer driving behaviour, to identify whether South African’s are taking driver safety seriously and making this a priority.

Over 4 million* trips were recorded and monitored for this report, with 28% of them indicating at least one bad driving habit, including: harsh braking, harsh acceleration, vehicle crashes, speeding and/or sharp cornering. What is most concerning however, is the fact that the highest number of incidents recorded are within the acceleration and speeding areas. In fact, these two areas account collectively for 21% of bad driving in this space.

Matrix understands the importance of safe driving and the danger that speed can have on motorists and road users. Therefore, it is critical that we highlight and reiterate the importance of safe driving to motorists – encouraging them to adhere to the speed limit and utilise the Matrix tools available to understand their driving habits. In doing so, consumers can identify bad habits and take corrective action – for the safety of themselves, as well as family members or friends travelling with them.

Another key area that was identified was harsh braking. While only 6% of drivers were reported to have braked harshly over the reporting period, this is still a concern as harsh braking indicates a number of things including: cellphone usage, distraction, not keeping a safe following distance and of course, over acceleration and speeding.

Matrix calls on all motorists to take action and drive responsibly not only this October, but every day of the year. Respect the rules of the road and let us work together to not only change the attitude of motorists but to also, save lives.

DescriptionViolation Count
*4 093 072 trips recorded