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The Matrix Early Warning anti-theft system enables you to be proactive against vehicle theft

As motorists, we all face the potential danger of vehicle theft. According to recent statistics released by the South African Police Service (SAPS), more than 1,400 vehicles are hijacked and stolen each month in South Africa.

To protect your vehicle from theft or hijacking, being proactive is crucial and with Matrix right by your side, this has never been easier.

Matrix has developed an Early Warning anti-theft system which will alert you of any tampering to your battery or movement of your vehicle without your consent.

All MX2 and MX3 customers can activate the Early Warning function via the Matrix Smartphone App or SMS.

Click here to download your free Matrix Smartphone App from the Apple App Store.
Click here to download the Matrix Smartphone App from Google Play Store.

To obtain your login information for the Matrix app, please contact Customer Care at customercare@mixtelematics.com or on (011) 654 – 8090.

Please be advised that the Matrix Early Warning system has replaced the previously named ‘Geoloc’ feature of Matrix.

Activate or deactivate Matrix Early Warning

It’s quick and easy to activate or deactivate Early Warning with the Matrix Smartphone App:

  • Open your Matrix app and login
  • In the app menu, simply access the Early Warning feature.
  • You will be able to toggle Early Warning on and off as required.
  • Once your Early Warning is activated, Matrix will know to alert you of any battery tampering or vehicle movements.

Alternatively, customers that are unable to download the Matrix app can use our SMS service to activate and deactivate Early Warning.

Save the following number for your specific network service provider:

MTN: + 27 83 930 0123 175
Vodacom: + 27 82 007 0540 175
CellC: + 27 84 000 1220 175
Telkom Mobile: + 27 81 160 0520 175

To activate Early Warning via SMS, complete the following steps:

  • SMS the word ‘enable’, space, and your vehicle registration number to your service provider’s number listed above.

To deactivate Early Warning via SMS, complete the following steps:

  • SMS the word ‘disable’, space and your vehicle registration number to deactivate it as required.