Matrix Vehicle Tracking helicopter crash – MiX Telematics investigating cause

MiX Telematics are aware of the incident that took place this afternoon where we confirm that it was a Matrix Vehicle Tracking helicopter, operated by Henley Air, which has crashed. The incident occurred North of Rand Airport in Germiston, whilst returning from a recovery, resulting in the fatality of two individuals.

This is certainly a terrible tragedy and our sincere condolences go out to the family, friends and colleagues of the respective people who lost their lives.

We take incidents of this nature very seriously where currently the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is on the scene investigating the cause and details relating to the incident, for further clarification.

Until such a time that we have further information we will not be making any comments – as to respect the privacy of the families involved. However, we will be sure to effectively communicate any updates as and when relevant.