Matrix Vehicle Checklist- for Your Peace of Mind

December brings with it many journeys, far and wide, and sees our nation veering off in many alternative directions. There are few feelings better than climbing into a car in the early hours of the morning; the fresh morning breeze shocking sleepy eyes open, the snack packet filled to the brim and perched within arm’s reach and some good songs waiting in the sound system for their chance to be sung by the family choir. It’s a time of happiness regardless of your destination. This season is about celebrating; whether it’s at home, a visit to loved ones or a road trip for a change of scenery. Whatever your choice this festive season, let’s make it one to remember and one with no regrets; the holiday season is a dangerous time of year for motorists so keep the following in mind when navigating our busy roads this December.

To start your journey on a good note, use the checklist below to ensure that your journey will be as smooth as possible. 

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