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Matrix Vehicle Tracking
  • Emergency Number - Hijack/Theft Only
    0800 111 322
    Emergency Number
    Hijack/Theft Only

Smartphone Tracking*

With Matrix Smartphone Tracking, you can now track your vehicle or those of your loved-ones on selected Smartphone devices - anywhere, anytime; in real time!
All Android and iPhone users who have either the Matrix MX2 or MX3 fitted to their vehicles can use this Smartphone Tracking Service to view:

  • your vehicle's movement history
  • individual trip routes on the map
  • the start and end point of each trip
  • your vehicle's current location
  • the current speed of a moving vehicle
  • your position in relation to that of your vehicle

And much much more!

Your Smartphone really does become smarter with Matrix Smartphone Tracking.

  • To download Matrix's Smartphone Tracking app for iPhone, click here.
  • To download Matrix's Smartphone Tracking app for Android application click here.
* Terms and conditions apply
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