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MX3 - Advanced Safety +*

The MX3 not only provides you with all the tracking and recovery services of MX1 and MX2, but offers complete peace of minded with value-added personal safety services such as Crash Alert and Roadside Assistance services,nationwide.

Move onto a new level of convenience with our new Matrix App and enjoy services such as our automatically generated Tax Logbook and Service Notifications to save money and ensure that you are always up-to-date with your vehicle administration.

Use our Wizard to find the tracking device and services that are right for you!

MX3 - Features and benefits

  • 24/7 National Operations Centre

    24/7 365 day access to Matrix Recovery Services.
  • Recovery*

    Free recovery with no hidden costs.
  • Dedicated Recovery Teams

    Access to privately contracted rapid response agents in association with the SAPS, nationally.
  • Insurance Approvals & Discounts

    May lower your premium with most insurers.
  • X-Ray Vision

    Locates the proximity of your vehicle even when parked in a basement or under cover.
  • Back-up Battery

    Keeps the unit active when your vehicle’s battery is disconnected, is stolen or runs flat.
  • FastTrac

    Locates the proximity of your vehicle quickly, provided GSM coverage is available.
  • Auto Testing & Confidence Checks

    Unit functionality is automatically tested at regular intervals and Matrix will test your unit upon request at any time.
  • National Network Coverage

    Enables tracking of your vehicle throughout South Africa.
  • Battery Tamper Alarm

    Alerts Matrix when your battery is being tampered with.
  • Internet Tracking*

    Enables you to locate your vehicle/s or loved ones over the internet at any time, day or night.
  • GPS PinPoint Positioning

    Enables positioning of the exact location of your vehicle.
  • Early Warning

    Alerts Matrix should your vehicle be driven without your consent.
  • Smartphone Tracking*

    Track your vehicle(s) anytime, anywhere, with any smartphone in real-time.
  • Panic Button Remote

    Enables you to send a silent distress signal to Matrix response teams when you sense danger.
  • Border Alerts

    Should your vehicle near the South African border, we will call you to confirm if your vehicle is under authorised possession.
  • Crash Alert

    Sends an automatic alert to our control room in the event of an accident, which enables us to locate your vehicle and send emergency assistance (if needed).
  • Roadside Assistance*

    In the event of a breakdown, simply press the yellow button on your remote control. We will call you and send roadside assistance to your exact GPS co-ordinates, nationally.
  • NoGo-Zones

    An alarm will notify Matrix and we will then SMS you the minute your vehicle enters a predefined high risk area.
  • Tax Logbook*

    Enables you to easily generate an accurate tax logbook according to your business and personal trips.
  • Service Notifications

    Notifies you when your vehicles is in need of its next service.
  • Matrix App

    Provides on-the-go accessibility to vehicle tracking and vehicle admin and places emergency assistance at your fingertips via your iPhone or iPad.
MX3 - Pricing Options Cash Option
month to month
Budget Option
36 month contract
Cost of hardware (once off) R3499 N/A
Monthly subscription fee R215 R315

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