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Matrix Vehicle Tracking
  • Emergency Number - Hijack/Theft Only
    0800 111 322
    Emergency Number
    Hijack/Theft Only

MX3 - Advanced Safety +*

The MX3 not only provides you with all the tracking and recovery services of MX1 and MX2, but offers complete peace of mind with value-added personal safety services such as Crash Alert and Roadside Assistance services,nationwide.

Move onto a new level of convenience with our new Matrix App* and enjoy services such as our automatically generated Tax Logbook and Service Notifications to save money and ensure that you are always up-to-date with your vehicle administration.

*Available for Apple and Android.


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MX3 - Features and benefits

  • 24/7 National Operations Centre

    24/7 365 day access to Matrix Recovery Services.
  • Recovery*

    Free recovery with no hidden costs.
  • Dedicated Recovery Teams

    Access to privately contracted rapid response agents in association with the SAPS, nationally.
  • Insurance Approvals & Discounts

    May lower your premium with most insurers.
  • X-Ray Vision

    Locates the proximity of your vehicle even when parked in a basement or under cover.
  • Back-up Battery

    Keeps the unit active when your vehicle’s battery is disconnected, is stolen or runs flat.
  • FastTrac

    Locates the proximity of your vehicle quickly, provided GSM coverage is available.
  • Auto Testing & Confidence Checks

    Unit functionality is automatically tested at regular intervals and Matrix will test your unit upon request at any time.
  • National Network Coverage

    Enables tracking of your vehicle throughout South Africa.
  • Battery Tamper Alarm

    Alerts Matrix when your battery is being tampered with.
  • Internet Tracking*

    Enables you to locate your vehicle/s or loved ones over the internet at any time, day or night.
  • GPS PinPoint Positioning

    Enables positioning of the exact location of your vehicle.
  • Early Warning

    Alerts Matrix should your vehicle be driven without your consent.
  • Smartphone Tracking*

    Track your vehicle(s) anytime, anywhere, with selected smartphones in real-time.
  • Panic Button Remote

    Enables you to send a silent distress signal to Matrix response teams when you sense danger.
  • Border Alerts

    Should your vehicle near the South African border, we will call you to confirm if your vehicle is under authorised possession.
  • Crash Alert

    Sends an automatic alert to our control room in the event of an accident, which enables us to locate your vehicle and send emergency assistance (if needed).
  • Roadside Assist*

    In the event of a breakdown, simply call Matrix and we will send roadside assistance to your exact GPS co-ordinates, nationally.
  • NoGo-Zones

    An alarm will notify Matrix and we will then SMS you the minute your vehicle enters a predefined high risk area.
  • Tax Logbook*

    Enables you to easily generate an accurate tax logbook according to your business and personal trips.
  • Service Notifications

    Notifies you when your vehicles is in need of its next service.
  • Matrix App*

    Provides on-the-go accessibility to vehicle tracking and vehicle admin and places emergency assistance at your fingertips. *Available for Apple and Android.
MX3 - Pricing Options Cash Option
month to month
Budget Option
36 month contract
Cost of hardware (once off) R3499 N/A
Monthly subscription fee R215 R315
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