Second accident on Modderfontein Road in just over a week

On 22 June, the Matrix Road Safety Association attended an accident scene on Modderfontein Road and only 10 days later attended a second accident on the same stretch.
This morning (2 July), at around 7:30, the Matrix Road Safety Association vehicle was dispatched to a multi-vehicle accident involving a taxi at the intersection of Modderfontien road and Emerald Boulevard.

“We were the first emergency vehicle on scene and the onboard Emer-G-Med medic immediately began to assess and treat patients,” reports Terence Teixeira from the Matrix Road Safety Association.
Allegedly a taxi had skipped a red traffic light at the intersection and a Ford Focus travelling through the intersection collided with the side of the taxi, causing the taxi to overturn landing back on its wheels.

“The driver of the Ford did not sustain any injury however almost all the occupants of the taxi were injured by the taxi driver’s alleged reckless behaviour,” says Teixeira.
Fortunately the 11 passengers had only sustained light injuries. Five of the passengers were transported by Emer-G-Med ambulance to a nearby hospital and the other six were transported by two other services.

“This stretch of road is obviously hazardous and we urge drivers to be extra cautious when travelling in this area. Rather stop at an orange traffic light instead of racing through the intersections as it turns red. Always check intersections before entering. Your life could depend on this,” he warns.

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