Kick the year off right – love your car

At the beginning of each new year, there’s certainly no shortage of ideas and articles to get you ready and motivated for getting the most out of the upcoming year. This year, in addition to making new year’s resolutions to a better you, why not make an additional resolution for your car?

One of the most overlooked aspects of a person’s life is their transportation. Driving throughout the year, especially during the December holiday period, certainly takes a toll on your vehicle and whether we like it or not, car maintenance is inevitable. It’s vitally important to keep a schedule of your car’s services to ensure that it remains in tip-top condition.

Kick the year off right – love your car

One of the most important services your car requires is frequently changing the oil. Each car is different but the standard time to change your car is typically 3 months or 5000km, whichever comes first. Oil changes are important because the oil lubricates the metal parts of your vehicle’s engine, preventing them from grinding against each other.

In addition to changing your car’s oil, check the tyre pressure at least once a month. Checking the condition of your tyres frequently reduces the risk of having a blow-out, flat tyre or finding something like a piece of glass or nail in your tyre.

Last but not least, it’s important to check that all of the radiator and fluid levels are filled. Your car’s engine houses many compartments that are filled with various liquids that assist your car in running smoothly. The next time you stop at a petrol station to fill up your car, lift the hood of the car and check that your fluid levels are even and full. If you are not sure, ask one of the attendants to assist you.

Head into 2017 knowing that by maintaining your car and keeping it in tip-top condition, you are also keeping yourself, and others, safe on the roads. Matrix is always right by your side with the assistance you need. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being stuck next to the side of the road, alert the control room by pressing the panic remote button or by calling the control room on 011 465 8090. Trained personnel will assess your situation and send the necessary assistance to your exact location.

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