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Matrix Protect FAQs

Pothole Assist

What is the maximum amount a client can claim for?
There is no claim limit– we attempt to get 100% of the tyre(s), mag(s) or rim repair or replacement cost for you.

Is there any excess payable?
No, your Matrix Protect subscription covers this.

What is the discount on tyres a member will get from Tiger Wheel and Tyre?
An amazing 5% on tyres and accessories and an even more awesome up to 25% off on services like balancing and alignment.

What document are required to claim?

  • Your ID Document;
  • Your Driver’s License;
  • The Registration Details of your Vehicle;
  • 3 Written quotes for repair and Final invoice;
  • A Declaration signed by you confirming that you are not claiming from your Insurance Company and that the information is true;
  • If the vehicle is insured, a letter from the Insurance Company stating that the damage was not claimed from them;
  • If the vehicle is not insured, a sworn affidavit stating that there is no insurance cover on the tyre damage.

How long do I have to report a claim?
You have 5 working days to submit the claim.

Accident Assist

What does RAF stand for?
Road Accident Fund, a state institution whose purpose is to compensate road users who are injured in road accidents. The RAF is maintained through the fuel levy.

What is the FUEL LEVY?
The fuel levy is included in the petrol price. So everyone pays the fee when they fill up their tanks.

Who can claim?
Any person, including their dependents, who have been injured in a road accident, where the accident was not their fault.

When a member claims, what percentage of the compensation goes towards Matrix Protect for the legal cost of the claim?
100% of the payout is passed back to you, the member.

Can you claim if you were a pedestrian that got injured in a vehicle accident?
Yes as long as it was on the road and it wasn’t your fault.

Fines Assist

Is it guaranteed that a client will ALWAYS get a discount?
Yes. Just as long as you pay before the discount deadline.

What is the discount for fines paid within 32 days?
An unbeatable 50% discount.

Does this membership cover fines for the main member only?
Yes, but you can take out additional membership for your loved ones too.

Does this membership cover for fines received outside the borders of SA?
No, you are only covered for fines on SA roads.

How will your points be affected when the AARTO system comes in place?
Fines Assist helps with reducing the fine amount and then giving you an easy way to pay it. Driving points are your responsibility to manage.

Bail Assist

What crimes aren’t covered under Bail Assist?
You will be covered for minor crimes. We cannot assist if you commit a serious crime. If you are unsure, the list of serious crimes are below:

  • Assault with Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Murder or attempted murder
  • Rape
  • Child abuse
  • Child pornography
  • Dealing in drugs
  • Armed robbery or robbery with aggravating circumstances
  • Treason, sabotage or subversion

Is this service only offered in SA?
Yes, it’s only for bail that needs to be posted within our SA borders.

Does this membership cover bail for the main member only?
Yes, but you can take out additional cover for your loved ones.

What happens if the member does not appear in court?
If you don’t arrive in court on your appointed date, you will have to pay the service provider for the bail and any other legal costs incurred.

Licence Assist

Does this membership cover licences for the main member only?
Yes, but you can take out additional cover for your loved ones.

Does this membership cover for licences outside the borders of SA?
No, it’s only for licences within SA.

What happens if I lose my licence or licence documents?
If you lose your disk, the system will re-calculate the amount due based on a pro rata fee (The months paid for already will be credited and the expiry date is extended to cover a 12 month period). The additional amount will be for your expense.

What reasons could there be for a licence renewal to be refused?

  • If the renewal of any other vehicle, trailer, caravan etc. is outstanding.
  • If the vehicle is already licensed.

Will they refuse to renew my licence if I have outstanding fines?
Your licence renewal will not be affected, but you may run into problems if you need to renew your driver’s licence. If you are worried about fines let Matrix Protect help you.