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Licence Assist

Fast and painless way to renew your Licences

All road users have to renew their licences regularly and with the lack of proactive renewal notifications, this process can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. Licence Assist will firstly notify you of pending licence renewals, and then provide a simple and painless route to get them renewed. No need to leave home- we also deliver the licences to you.

Licence Assist gives you:

  • Relief – Having complete control over the renewal of your licence from the comfort of your home without the fuss of queues, or relying on the Post Office and Licensing Department or worrying about lost or stolen licences.
  • Convenience – Of having your licence renewal and proof of payment delivered to your door
  • Recovery – Your pocket is protected by making sure that you will never have to pay any penalty fees for licence renewals.
  • Representation – A specialist team will provide full administrative support for all licence renewal issues.
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