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Fines Assist

Reduce and pay Traffic Fines with Fines Protect

As drivers, we know the laws of the road. However it’s common that every now and then a rule is broken and law enforcement are quick to penalise. To ensure that you’re never in trouble at those dreaded road blocks, Fines Assist will do just that. Assistance will include alerting you to any new traffic fines and providing an easy and pain free way to settle these. The bonus?  A guaranteed reduced rate of an unbeatable 50%* on your fine!

*When paid within 32 days

Fines Protect gives you:

  • Relief – Besides the absence of queues and convenience of skipping a trip to Traffic Department, the payment facility is secure and provides you with proof of payment and gives you the peace of mind that your name is clear.
  • Recovery – No-one enjoys paying fines, so 100% of all discounts or reductions on fines, will be passed back to you.
  • Representation – Not sure if your fine is legitimate? Our expert team will provide full legal and administrative support and representation for all matters related to traffic fines.


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