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Accident Assist

Guaranteed compensation with Accident Assist

Statistics say that every day, South Africans become victims of car accidents on our dangerous roads. The result? Injuries and loss. The Road Accident Fund’s (RAF) purpose is to pay these accident victims. But after an accident, often the last thing one wants to do is deal with all the queues and paper work around RAF claims. Matrix Protect offers you Accident Assist which gives you immediate access to the RAF claims management system, with a 100% recovery paid back to you or your family.

Accident Assist gives you:

  • Relief. No queues or paperwork nightmares. What’s more your payout will be processed in a fraction of the time thanks to Matrix Protect’s legal team.
  • Recovery. Because I have your back, you will receive 100% of the RAF payouts with no additional or hidden costs to you.
  • Representation. Our expert team provides full medical, legal and administrative support.

For the duration of your claim, you’ll receive:

  • Legal representation;
  • Administration and claims management;
  • Accident reconstruction;
  • Required medico-legal reports;
  • Required actuarial reports;
  • Past and future loss of earnings reports;
  • Past and future loss of support reports.
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