Why your Matrix device is so much more than just a vehicle-finder

With the alarming rise of vehicle thefts and hijackings in South Africa, we all understand the importance of having a Matrix device installed in your vehicle. However, with the rise of inflation and motorists having to dig even deeper into their pockets to afford increasing fuel costs, many may question if a vehicle tracking device is as beneficial as ‘they’ make it out to be or if motorists should just remove it from their monthly list of expenses.

With vehicle accident statistics at an all-time high, and the number of vehicle theft and hijackings ranked one of the highest in the world, the importance of having a tracking device is monumental in the safety of you and your vehicle. An effective vehicle tracking device can not only protect your car but give you the upper hand in a life or death situation.

Did you know that besides being able to track and recover your vehicle in the unfortunate event that it is stolen or hijacked, a Matrix tracking and stolen recover device can also assist you with mitigating the risk of a compromising situation, thanks to a few additional tech-savvy benefits?

In the digital world we live in today, almost everything is done via our mobile phones. A vehicle tracking device becomes a powerful tool when it includes features such as a panic button, harsh driving monitoring and reports (for those who tend to be a bit heavier on the pedals), a full X-ray vision of your car’s whereabouts, and border alerts, all linked to your smartphone.

This is how Matrix’s tech-savvy features work:

Harsh event reporting* – Over 90% of road accidents can be attributed to driver behaviour. If you are concerned that you or someone in your family may be an ‘adrenaline junky’ on the road, then your tracking device can give you access to behaviour monitoring reports via your smartphone for harsh events like harsh braking, speeding, cornering and acceleration. That’s not all, you are even able to use these reports to reduce the insurance premiums on your car!

X-ray vision* – Often when cars get stolen, criminals leave the stolen cars ‘underground’ or in containers in an attempt to hide it from officials. Matrix uses a combination of three unique tracking technologies including Radio Frequency, GSM and GPS to detect where the vehicle is hidden.

This system allows our recovery teams to locate your vehicle anywhere, regardless of underground interference.

Tax logbook– Whether you are self-employed, a business owner or a corporate employee, tracking your travel and fuel expenses is crucial for tax return purposes. With Matrix, you can view, record and edit your trips as private or business, view the total distance travelled for your selected timeframe, export your trip data and record all your fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses electronically.

Border Alerts* – Cross-border vehicle theft is one of the major contributors to vehicle loss in South Africa. You will be notified should your vehicle approach a South African border.

Panic Remote* – This is probably one of the most valuable personal safety features, coupled with the smartphone application on your mobile. You can ‘silently’ request assistance without alerting those around you.

GPS pinpoint positioning* – If you forget your phone at home, you can access a fully personalised dashboard on your computer that will provide you with the exact GPS positioning of your car. This enables you to keep an eye on your car and loved ones when parked or driving in an unsafe area and can even help you when you’ve forgotten where you parked in a mall or business park.

Thanks to the number of value added benefits that come with a Matrix device, these days a vehicle tracking solution is a powerful tool when you are faced with a life or death situation.

If you would like to find out more about these tech-savvy features, visit www.matrix.co.za or contact our Customer Care team on 011 654 8090.

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The Matrix Team

*MX2 & MX3 customers only
*Tax logbook for MX3 customers only