Your 8-step bumper-bashing reference guide

Bumper bashing – an expletive for many motorists who have been involved in a collision or seen it happen to someone else. In fact, having someone drive into the back of your car can really leave you feeling distraught, especially when you may be held accountable for causing the accident.

Bumper bashing

So, to help make your life a little bit easier, Matrix has created a “need to know” document that you can print and keep in your car as a reference guide in the unfortunate event that you are involved in a bumper bashing.

Your 8-step bumper bashing reference guide

Your 8-step bumper bashing reference guide

Step 1

In any type of accident, stop and switch on your hazards. All MX3 units are fitted with an impact sensor that will send an alert if your vehicle is involved in an accident. Matrix will immediately receive a signal from the unit and after assessing the situation, will dispatch assistance to your exact location.

Step 2

It may just be a minor bumper bashing incident, but you still need to check if anyone is injured. If so, do not attempt to remove any injured persons from the car, but rather call the relevant emergency services to assist. Matrix customers can alert the Matrix control room of your emergency by pressing your panic button remote* or by calling the control room which is available via one-touch dialing from your Matrix App.

Step 3

If nobody is injured and the damage to the vehicle appears minimal, you may move your vehicle to help ease the flow of traffic. If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to move your vehicle, place hazard markers on the road.

Step 4

Examine the damage to your vehicle and if possible, use your cellphone to take pictures of the damage to your car and that of the other vehicle.

Step 5

If possible, try to draw a sketch of how the accident took place, indicating in which direction your vehicle was travelling. Make sure to include road names, landmarks, intersections and robots.

Step 6

It is very important to ask the other party for his/her. These include:
  • full names
  • ID number
  • car registration number
  • physical address
  • cell phone number
  • insurance companydetails
  • make, model and colour of the other vehicle
  • the date and time of the accident
  • details of any eye witnesses.
Step 7

Both parties must visit their nearest police station within 24 hours to get a case number.

Step 8

Matrix Protect provides customers with Accident Assist which gives you immediate access to the RAF claims management system with a 100% recovery paid back to you and your family. Click here to find out more.