Matrix Newsletter – January 2015

The start of a new year is always a wonderful thing; everything feels fresh and new, and for many people, it’s a chance to jot down a few resolutions and changes for the coming months. But for most, car-related resolutions probably aren’t too high on the list. That’s why, in the spirit of New Year – and because we spend so much time in our cars – we thought we’d drum up a list of resolutions for you and your life on the road.

Resolution 1: Be tolerant, be calm, be courteous. With road rage on the rise, remember to keep calm and not engage in any activity that could lead to road rage. You can’t control the driving behaviour of every person on the road so when you feel the slightest pang of irritation, take a deep breath and stay calm. Who knows, you may just start a trend.

Resolution 2: Leave a little earlier. Five minutes can make a big difference when it comes to the build-up of traffic. But it can also make a big difference to your mindset and the way you drive. Knowing you have buffer may make your drive more pleasant and have a positive effect on your driving. You’ll be less likely to do something risky knowing you’ll reach your destination perfectly on time.

Resolution 3: No more distractions. Too many accidents are a result of people being distracted by their phones, tablets, musical devices and more. Let your car be a tech-free environment – you might even enjoy the break.

Resolution 4: Stick to the road rules. Over time it is easy to slowly stop doing all the little things that make driving safe, like putting on seatbelts, driving under the speed limit and adhering to road signs and signals. This even applies to normal life, because a person that can remain disciplined on the road is more likely to be disciplined in life.

Resolution 5: Love the journey. While your car is great at getting you from A to B, it also provides you the opportunity to explore and have fun. So when this year gets hectic, take time to get out on the road and take a break – it may be just what you need to keep you motivated.

No matter what resolutions you have on or off the road, Matrix is right by your side. We’ll help you look after not just your car but your loved ones too, this year and every year.

From all of us at the Matrix team, here’s to a prosperous and happy 2015!

The Matrix Team