Matrix Newsletter – February 2015


Road Trip Loving

Take a moment to think about your first great road trip or, if you’ve never had the chance, picture freedom on the open road. That done, it’s safe to say that road trips mean great memories. There is something romantic and inspiring about the idea of getting into your car and driving toward the horizon. And, as South Africans, we are privileged to host a range of breath-taking destinations, with beautiful scenery all along the way. The question is, what’s the difference between a long drive and a road trip, and what is it that really makes road tripping so great?

Sharing the experience:

Especially since this is Valentine’s month, there is no better way to spend quality time with loved ones than on a journey. A road trip gives you a rare opportunity to spend hours laughing, talking, singing and generally sharing in the captivating world around you. If you have your loved ones with you, you are bound to get to know each other on a whole new level and will certainly create some priceless personal jokes to cherish forever.

Time loses its sting:

That’s the real difference between a long drive and a road trip: the destination. Ordinarily when you’re in your car you are trying to get somewhere important as quickly as possible. Not so when you’re driving just to drive – the destination becomes secondary to good times on the road. It’s the one time you can enjoy your car for what it is rather than for what it does and where it can get you. Just make sure your car is as ready for the drive as you are.

Snacks & tracks:

Can you imagine anything better than you and your friends eating the tastiest foods (probably junk food), whilst listening to your especially made adventure playlist? And on top of all that you are on your way to somewhere amazing. From the moment you turn the key, to the moment you pull back up your driveway, you are on holiday and the world is your oyster.


Whether it’s meeting new people, changing your route at the last second or not putting any planning into the trip in the first place – road tripping is freedom. There’s no waiting for delayed planes, no tiny bags of peanuts (unless that’s what you like) and no hidden costs. You can go as far as your imagination will allow. And at the end of it all, when you’re happily weary and bedraggled, you get to step through your front door, because there’s no feeling quite like coming home. Matrix is a huge fan of road trips because it gives our customers the opportunity to explore without having to worry about the safety of their car or their loved ones – we’ve got that covered. Enjoy a loving road trip this February and remember that Matrix is right by your side.

The Matrix Team

From the
moment you
turn the key,
to the moment
you pull back
up your driveway, you are on
holiday and the world is your