An essential checklist to avoid frustration on South African roads

In 2300BC, the first geographical map was created on Babylonian clay tablets. Many years later, maps were made by hand by painting on parchment paper and overtime, improvements in technology and tools helped cartographers refine their skills to what we know as paper maps today. Although traditional paper maps are still widely used, online mapping services such as Google Maps are gaining increasing popularity due to the large amounts of useful information they offer alongside a traditional map.

South African motorists can agree that the never-ending traffic, faulty traffic lights, road-works and highway construction are some of the major causes of frustration on our roads today. Running late for a meeting because of a vehicle collision, getting lost in an unfamiliar area while on vacation or not getting to the doctor fast enough with a sick child due to road-works, can leave a person feeling helpless and frustrated. Matrix understands that these types of emotions affect how you drive and most importantly, whether you get to your destination safely or not.

With the many uncertainties motorists face on South African roads today, it’s important to plan your trips on a daily basis. With Matrix Internet Tracking, you are able view the location of your vehicle on an interactive map, receive traffic and weather updates as well as which routes to avoid.

Map views

When viewing the map on the Matrix Internet Tracking platform, you are able to switch between several map views. In addition to switching from a normal map to satellite imagery, you can overlay terrain information on the normal map. You can also use the Street View feature to get a panoramic view of the buildings and areas surrounding your vehicle.


Enter two or more locations and receive directions for the most practical routes. If several possible routes exist, you will see a summary of each with a rough estimate of the time that each route would take.

Depending on the location you are interested in, you can view additional useful information, such as current traffic loads, road-works, road closures and weather forecasts.

Available to MX2 & MX3 customers

It’s important to remember that Matrix is always right by your side and can view the location of your vehicle at any time with GPS Pinpoint Positioning and the latest technology available, regardless of the type of Matrix unit installed in your car.

Available to MX1, MX2 & MX3 customers

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