Crash Alert

Many of us have an unexplainable bond with our cars, far beyond just a means of transport. Your car is a space where you have probably experienced some of your most treasured moments with your loved ones – those road trips across the country, singing along to your favourite songs. Or escaping the end of a rough day, only too eager to jump in your car and make your way home.

Yet, what many of us don’t want to think about, is the possibility of being involved in an accident. Driving under the influence, speeding and distracted driving are the three largest causes of road accidents in South Africa. Recent crime statistics released by the South African Police Service (SAPS) reported that over 4,500 motorists died on South African roads between 2014 and 2015.

Did you know: South Africa has one of the highest road accident rates in the world with 25% of those accidents caused by mobile use while driving.

We all know the importance of obeying the rules of the road and driving responsibly, but the reality is that a serious accident can take place at any time. Matrix understands that in the event of an accident, every minute counts, that’s why we have Crash Alert. All MX3 units are fitted with an impact sensor so if your vehicle is involved in an accident, Matrix will immediately receive a signal from the unit. After assessing the situation, help will be dispatched to the exact location of the vehicle using the GPS co-ordinates from your Matrix unit.

Why Matrix Crash Alert is so important

Matrix Crash Alert saves lives!

Our customers can prove it

Wow factor!

I was recently involved in a motor vehicle accident. I was hit from behind at top speed, while standing at a stop sign. It was so hard that my headrests deployed (like airbags) to protect my neck. Everything turned out ok in the end.

The reason I opted for the specific package that I currently have with Matrix, was for the Matrix Crash Alert function (never thought I’d get to test it). I am on the road a lot, and like many, I fear that one ‘freak accident,’ where you land up in the veld, and nobody sees you or your vehicle until it’s too late.

No sooner had the accident taken place, when Matrix phoned to enquire about my situation. At that point I was experiencing so many emotions and the wow factor was that I received that call immediately after the accident. That call left me feeling very protected. Thank you Matrix, you really have the wow factor!!!

With Matrix, I really have peace of mind! Thank you!!"

Kind regards,

The Matrix Team