Don’t Get Distracted and Let Your Defence Down

The warnings that persist from various organisations throughout South Africa have empowered motorists with information on safe, if not defensive, driving techniques. Road signs warning of Hijacking Hot Spots and SMS alerts signalling entry into a high risk area all assist motorists with on the road safety, but what about safety off the road? While… Read more »

Beyond Vehicle Tracking

A quick Google search will promptly display the various offerings of the vehicle tracking industry. For many years already, the industry has realised that vehicle tracking is a very basic function of GPS units and have since been evolving offerings to maximise the potential of various tracking units. These offerings are very clear in the… Read more »


Due to the powers that be and influences beyond our control, the petrol price, yesterday, increased by 84c. Media channels have been flooded with a unanimous ‘Ohh eh eh’ from South African motorists, as petrol prices hit record highs; Gauteng motorists are now paying R13.23 per litre, for 95 unleaded, while coastal users are charged… Read more »

Drive with Confidence this Women’s Day…

On the 9th of August, each year, for the past 9 years homage is paid to the women of our nation. This year the holiday falls on a Friday, allowing for a long weekend and some much needed rest and relaxation. If a little excitement is what you’re after this Friday, there are many celebrations… Read more »

Innovation improves your driving experience

As we move further into the realm of the online space, smartphones, app’s, location services and sharing has become more of norm than an innovation. This space is an ever changing environment and how brands and businesses innovate identifies the thought leaders in this arena. While it is safe to say that the use of… Read more »

Indulging in the Moment and Enjoying the Journey

Matrix, a leader in the vehicle tracking and telematics space, represents the true meaning of innovation following a year of great successes. 2013 has been one for the history books for the brand, a complete refresh took place in April this year and every month since has been met with progress, updates and forward thinking… Read more »

Crime Statistics Released, South Africans Offered Little Consolation

September saw the release of the latest crime statistics by police minister Nathi Mthethwa and although the results mark an increase in murder, house robberies and hijackings, Mthethwa continues to be positive in his outlook “South Africa remains on the right path in its fight against crime.” The country’s private security industry is made up… Read more »

Sharing the Journey

It’s the age of sharing. Social media is just that – social, it’s about liking, sharing, pinning, tweeting, following and commenting. The social revolution has everyone talking, to each other and the conversations are shared across the globe in video, text, images and sound clips. Consumers have embraced the social age and sharing is now… Read more »

Transport month begins with e-toll approval

October is Transport Month in South Africa and through various events and initiatives the nation takes a serious look at achievements of the Transport Department, road safety initiatives, public transport, job creation, infrastructure development and skills development under the umbrella theme of “Celebrating 20 years of delivering efficient, reliable and safe transport services”. Honourable Dipuo… Read more »