Cybercrime and Your Security

Breaches in data security are becoming more and more prevalent with the integrity of large, well-known brands, recently being compromised. Even though the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Bill was passed, one of the longest and most complex bills, the consumer remains at risk due to elements beyond a company’s, and by implication a brand’s,… Read more »

Maritzburg City Marathon Thanks Matrix for their Support

Dear Liza, What words can one use to express our gratitude as strongly as we feel? “Thank you” seems so inadequate. After 2010 I wondered how we would raise the bar for the 2011 Maritzburg Marathon. The same thoughts crossed my mind in March of 2011 and 2012. However, having partners like you Matrix has… Read more »

A decrease in South African road accidents is something to celebrate.

Preliminary figures indicate that the amount of road deaths over the Easter weekend and across the country have decreased since last year. Road fatalities have declined from a reported 23 fatalities in 2012 to 15 fatalities over this past weekend. This positive outcome has been accredited to various initiatives such as: integrated road safety activations,… Read more »

Annual Mercedes Trophy tournament for 2013

Dear Ryan & Liza, On behalf of Sandown Motor Holdings, Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car Division Gauteng I would like to thank you for supporting our annual Mercedes Trophy tournament for 2013. This year we were able to raise R100 000 (One Hundred Thousand Rand) towards Hospice Wits. We could have not achieve this humanitarian feat without your… Read more »

Matrix Launches New App for iPhone & iPad

When life is taking you places and you’re on the go – trust MATRIX for total peace of mind, every kilometre of the way. MiX Telematics proudly releases the next generation MATRIX App Version 2 featuring innovative technologies and enhanced features. As a MATRIX customer, you enjoy advanced, easy and convenient vehicle tracking directly from… Read more »

The Effect of Jamming Devices

In light of a recent discussion in the media, regarding the effect of jamming devices on tracking units, MiX Telematics would like to reassure all our customers that your vehicle is in safe and capable hands. Jamming devices are illegal and compromise the quality of cellular services, which has a direct effect on SVR products…. Read more »

Augmented Reality through Google Coloured Glasses

Augmented Reality (AR) can be traced as far back as 1957 with the invention of Morton Helig’s Sensorama. During the decades that followed, AR was used in Manufacturing and Engineering, as well as the Airforce and broadened its horizons into the arts, in a production called Dancing in Cyberspace by Julie Martin.  That was 1994,… Read more »

The Importance of hydration

While the excitement of screaming teens for pop idol Justin Bieber to take centre stage will leave mouths parched and vocal chords strained, hydration is just as important for the guardians of these youth.  Although moms and dads may not be found screaming at the concert and singing baby, baby, baby oh; the teen taxi… Read more »

New Methods of Vehicle Crime Emerging in Gauteng

The statement, prevention is better than cure has enormous weight where road safety is concerned. Motorists have made numerous efforts to improve their safety precautions when on the road, from seatbelts to airbags and ABS to rear park assist. Equally important is a motorist’s defence against vehicle crime, giving rise to panic buttons and safety… Read more »