Drive with Confidence this Women’s Day…

On the 9th of August, each year, for the past 9 years homage is paid to the women of our nation. This year the holiday falls on a Friday, allowing for a long weekend and some much needed rest and relaxation. If a little excitement is what you’re after this Friday, there are many celebrations across the country that may interest you and if you’re lucky enough to have a change of scenery, we look forward to your return but regardless of what you may be doing… please travel safely.

Due to celebrations undoubtedly being conducted across the country, Matrix felt it important to prepare some safety tips for women in an effort to remain right by your side.

When all the celebrating and toasting of our lovely ladies is done and it’s time to head home, remember to have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. Do not unlock the vehicle before you are in close proximity; first ensure that no one is hiding in your vehicle. When you are in your vehicle, ensure the doors remain locked at all times – this is especially important when driving as well, it is fairly simple for a thief to open the passenger door and snatch a handbag or mobile phone and just as easy to open the driver door and pull the driver from the car.

Keep moving; increasing reports of foul behavior in traffic jams and stationary positions are being received. If a vehicle is stationary, the driver is a higher target risk. Do not stop for flashing lights or to assist other motorists, if you need to pull over – put your vehicle hazards on and drive to a well-lit and safe location.

To ensure you can reach your destination keep your vehicle well maintained. If you are driving long distances or driving alone, ensure your tyre pressure is correct, your service history is up to date and as an added precaution, it is always a good idea to carry extra water for your windscreen washer bottle. Always check your fuel gauge before a trip; it is not only dangerous to your safety but also to the safety of other motorists. Give yourself enough time to check your vehicle properly, hasty decisions are very seldom good ones, allow yourself the time for all the necessary checks and wherever possible, plan your route and ensure someone else knows where you are going.

We live in the age of smartphones and internet access, make use of these tool not only for the GPS navigation it affords, but also to let someone know when you are embarking on a journey and when you have arrived home safely again. It is not only dangerous to use your mobile phone while driving, but it is also against the law; however, make sure your phone is easily accessible to you in the event of an emergency. If you have elected a panic button service, ensure this button is on your vehicle keys or within arm’s reach at all times during your journey.

Lastly, don’t talk to strangers; this is not only an adage for young children, this is relevant to us all. Rely on reputable organisations to assist you in the event of an emergency and do not leave your vehicle or open a window for anyone offering a helping hand. Immediately alert all your networks of an emergency situation and only accept assistance when individuals are clearly identified by uniform or relation.

Your journey and your safety are important to us at Matrix; enjoy this long weekend knowing that Matrix is right by your side, every kilometre of the way.